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Seacoast & Beaches

During your stay at Villa Roberti, it will be a pleasure to organize various activities for you.
Do you want to enjoy the beauty of  nature, we have selected for you the best nearby spots on the Adriatic coast.

Portonovo is situated in the beautiful Conero Park and is the closest beach to Ancona. You can access one of the beach directly by car or you can take a hiking trail to go to one of the wild beaches. Take you hiking shoes with you. 

On the beach you can access by car, you will find both private areas where you have to pay for a sunchair and public areas where you can directly lay on your towel.

Portonovo is by far the most beautiful beach in the area;

Civitanova has both a very long and sandy beach (Lungomare Nord) and white stone beach (Lungomare Sud) on the other side of the port. It is a perfect place you might want to spend time if you are in the area. 

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